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Preschool Piano in Ada, Grand Rapids, Cascade, Forest Hills MI
Preschool Piano Ada, Grand Rapids, Forest Hills, Cascade MI
Preschool Piano Lessons in Ada, Grand Rapids MI
Preschool Piano Lessons in Ada, Grand Rapids MI

Preschool - Kindergarten Music Lessons (ages 3 - 6)

Does your child love to sing, dance or move around?  Then now is the time to get them started in a music program that will enhance their music abilities to levels unimaginable.  All your child needs to do is recognize letters A-G and numbers 1-5 and that's it.  Preschool/Kindergartners  find our music lessons FUN and EASY.  Even if you do not know a thing about music, our program will guide you every step of the way without having to sit in on the lessons.

Soon, within 1 to 5 months (other students may take longer/shorter), your son/daughter will learn to read music notation on the music staff and begin to play from their favorite solo books. With the balance of correct piano skills, ear training and interval recognition, your child will be performing for family and friends in no time.  Our young families have so much FUN with our Pre-K Music Program.  

One student may take up to two instruments during one lesson session/one teacher

HOURS (by appointment only)

Monday - Thursdays: 10am - 9pm

Friday; 10am - 7pm

Saturday and Sunday; Closed


Lessons are first come, first served contact us today to arrange your first lesson.

Offering quality music lessons in Piano, Keyboard, Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Oboe, Pre-K, Recorder music. Ada, Grand Rapids and surrounding areas of Rockford, Belding, Belmont, East Grand Rapids, and Lowell.

Music lessons are all year round. 

See What People Are Saying

"My 4 year old started taking lessons almost 5 months ago. What a great decision it was! She can already sit at any piano and find her keys and play simple songs by heart. She loves to practice and really loves to go to lessons. Piano lesson day at our house is a very exciting day. We are extremely happy with the Ada Piano experience!!" 

- mom to Julia and Alex, Grand Rapids, MI